Mitsubishi Outlander Sport – Mojave

“car shooter Bob Stevens.”

The Los Angeles office of POSSIBLE assigned photographer Bob Stevens with the creation of a digital asset library for the new 2018 Outlander Sport.  The agency team of AD Steven Jacob, CD Amy Boe and AE Kate Loughlin were on hand to witness and inspire, as well as client Steve Mitchell, Manager of Interactive marketing at Mitsubishi.

Bob personally scouted the location, with an eye to ‘popping’ the metallic blue color of the vehicle in contrast to the barren and beautiful Mojave desert, while demonstrating the surprising off-road capabilities of the Outlander Sport.  All these shots (and more) were accomplished in one day.

Retouching was handled by Charlie Haygood at Bonus Arts.

BOB STEVENS – Photographer/Director

BONUS ARTS – Creative Imaging