BONUS ARTS – Creative Imaging

Post-Production for Car Shooters

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, CHARLIE HAYGOOD grew up with an appreciation for photography, spending countless hours in the darkroom, later studying illustration and art history. He got his professional start as a retoucher in 1990 at Varitel Select S.F., handling drum scans and output work while learning the paintbox systems of the day. A few years later he relocated to Los Angeles to work at Metafor Imaging, working his way up to Senior Artist, embracing Adobe Photoshop as the industry transitioned away from the paintbox. 

When Metafor closed in 2001, HAYGOOD launched BONUS ARTS, his boutique retouching studio. Specializing in automotive, product and lifestyle imagery, his creative retouch work is best described as photo-illustration, working within the agency’s concept to create a narrative of light, shadow and color. Utilizing the vast array of digital tools at his disposal he is respectful of the organic integrity of photography while managing the approval of the agency creative, product, and account teams.

With a lean and agile business model, HAYGOOD welcomes not only the demands of tight deadlines and tighter budgets, but also the challenge of producing image assets that can be re-purposed for any usage. Confident in his expertise and experience, he maintains strategic alliances with colleagues and collaborators who are also experts in their field. In doing so, he has created a successful business model that keeps clients satisfied.

After twenty years in the industry, HAYGOOD continues to be energized by his work, pursuing a passion for design, photography, imaging and all things automotive.

“Charlie is a true artist at retouching. He has the technical skills to accomplish anything you can imagine while being mindful of the integrity of the original photographic image.”
Vic Huber
Director/Photographer, Victor Huber Productions

“… dude, it’s only one frame, how hard can it be?”
Peter Daulton
Lead Animator, Industrial Light and Magic