Guidelines For Contributing Editors

“try to keep it under 1,000 words, please.”

What We Want
Bonus Works is currently accepting submissions. We are looking for stories about cars, car culture, classic cars, race cars, car shows, car events, and cars. Fiction, non-fiction, half-truths, lies that can pass for truths, and truths that can pass for fiction are all acceptable.

Generally speaking, we will publish:

  • Car-centric, car-related, and car-adjacent fiction in the Stories category
  • Non-fiction histories of car makes and/or models in the Portraits category
  • Personal accounts of car shows, auctions, track days, &c. in the Events category

If you have written a car-related piece that does not fall into the aforementioned categories, but you think it’s awesome, send it on over! We’re happy to publish anything with significant entertainment and or educational and or edutainmentable value — Bonus Works has a home for most any car content.

We want Alain Prost’s summer reading list.

We want the story of the trucker who saved your cross-country relocation with a PBR can and some duct tape.

We want an account of the Cybertruck unveiling from the rock’s perspective.

How We Want It
Fill out the form below and attach your submission using file formats .txt, .pdf, .doc or basically anything that can be opened or imported into Adobe InDesign.

If you have imagery to go with your Story then send it along, if not then our crack Imaging Team will produce something fitting.

Portraits and Events require photographic imagery, so bring your camera to that car show or track day and attach image files using file formats .jpg, .tif, .zip, Camera RAW or basically anything that can be opened or imported into Adobe Photoshop.

If your submission is accepted for publication, we will contact you regarding the particulars within a week or so.  If you don’t hear back from us, either your submission wasn’t up to snuff — sorry — or maybe we didn’t get to it — we have lives too, you know.  Either way, feel free to edit and re-send your submission at any time.

Do not send work that has appeared elsewhere.

Your Rights
You retain the rights to your work. Your submission, if accepted, will be published on and remain available indefinitely.

Ad revenue generated by the site is meant to compensate Contributing Editors, based on traffic and Likes and Shares, but this site is fairly new so don’t expect much — awesome submissions will generate increased traffic, just sayin’…

Thank you, very much, for driving safely.

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