ANDRESEN DIGITAL – Retouching and Pre-Press Studio

You've Seen Our Work

ANDRESEN DIGITAL is more than a post-production company. It’s the culmination of a legacy that began in 1949, when our founder, Andy Andresen, was pouring hot-metal type for the new and fast-growing Ad Agency universe in Southern California.

By the 1980s, his son, CEO Drew Andresen, had transformed the company into one of the largest typography operations in the US, and then led the transition to Andresen Digital.

Now, next-gen President Logan Andresen continues the tradition of fearless innovation that translates into an unparalleled level of creative collaboration with the worlds largest and most influential agencies and brands.

From our powerhouse creative studio in Santa Monica to our multi-platform print facility in San Francisco, we are capable of handling projects of a scope and scale that would send most studios running for cover.

Sten Sarracino
Producer / VP Account Director
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